Friday, June 15, 2012

Moving, new house, kids

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Kennedy turned 2!!!! Decisions, decisions

So as many of you know we have had alot of choices on our plate. Blogging about this is just another way for me to weigh the pros and cons. We had plans to transfer jobs and move to Idaho this summer....But as we all know plans sometimes change. My parents are trying to move to Logan now so the pops can be home every night! Cant say I blame him. :) So now we are faced with a really big, gigantic life changing decision...One that is completely and totally risky. I am not a big risk taker, I am not adventurous...I do not seek thrill out. I am definately not spontanious. I am a planner and organizer. I kinda freak out when things are thrown at me. Basically I hate curveballs. Why is Logan such a big risk? Well I won't have a job and given my work history I thought it would be fairly easy for me to find a new job in retail even if I took a major pay cut. Not happening. I have had one call back and it was a scam,  boooo. I don't need a major glamourous fulltime job I just want a parttime even minimum wage job. So Logan will be a very scary move for us because we are going there with no job for me and no home. It is very scary. Also I am super scared to quit my job. I have talked about it for years the day I get to leave target, the day I am free!!! But now it scares me a bit..So much freedom but I really hate change and after over six years of working there, quitting is a huuugee change!!! Anyways I don't think these random ramblings will matter in the long run but I will just keep praying and I know heavenly father will answer our prayers.

Onto other things....Kennedy turned 2!!!!!! I can't believe how fast she has grown and how fast the time has FLOWN by!!! I am truly amazed by my little one. She is so spunky and full of energy and she is so stinkin smart. She says so many things and she is just such a good little talker!!! She is so obsessed with My Little Pony. She still loves Dora but she is seriously in love with ponies haha! For her birthday we had a blast and both kids were so happy!!! We started off with going swimming at the Legacy center and both kids lhad so much fun. We went swimming for hours and just laughed and had fun. It was so nice to just spend time as a family. We then came home chilled watched pony movies, played with ponies and baked Kennedy's pink lemonade pony cake! Then we went shopiing and let kennedy pick out one more pony. We came home and ate Kennedy's favorite food which happens to be my favorite too and we call it My Favorite... Macaroni noodles with tomato juice, salt and pepper and cheese. She always eats like 4 bowlfulls! After dinner we blew up the air mattress and had a big sleepover with the whole family. It was a lot of fun but we didn't end up staying up super late like we had planned. Kennedy got tons of ponies and pony accessories for her birthday and a little swimmer life jacket (since she is such a daredevil), a pony movie and daddy suprised her with a huge nail polish and lip gloss set! She now has like 20 lipglosses...She is in heaven! Sorry for the lack of pictures I have been really bad lately I took a few picture but not many (kennedy NEVER sits still).

That is about all I have to post today! Hope everyone has a goodnight!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Cleaning Day

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